Femke Anne is a 27 year old Fine Art Photographer. ​Living and working in Breda, The Netherlands. She graduated in 2018 in Fine Art Photography at the St. Joost School of Art & Design.

Her work often stems from a certain fascination with the recurring subject the relation to the other and the relationship between unconscious feelings, dreams and secrets. It mostly reflects her inner emotions such as fear, shame and a desire for beauty.

Artist Statement
“Changes come and go; at the beginning and end of each (new) phase of life we look back, process, reflect, accept and look forward.
By focusing the camera on myself and performing autonomous experiments based on my state of mind, I try to get grip on my inner complex world and those around me. Vulnerability plays a central role.”

Retrouvailles – Love, After Love, Love After Love (2017), self-published
Revelation (2016), self-published

Honor & Award
2018 | New Dutch Photography Talent 2019

2014 – 2018 | BA Documentary Photography, St. Joost School of Art & Design, NL
2016 – 2017 | Minor Art and Culture, HAN University of Applied Science, Nijmegen, NL

2017 | Wim van Sinderen, Museum of Photography, The Hague, NL

2020 | Paul van Bueren
2019 | Wallmore.
2017 | Rem van den Bosch, I Died Today.

Solo Exhibitions
2017 | RevelationDe Winkel van Lida, Dieren, NL

Group Exhibitions
2020 | Buy My Darlings, SEXYLAND, NDSM, Amsterdam, NL
2018 | GUP 2019, New Dutch Photography Talent, Melkweg Expo, Amsterdam, NL
2018 | Scissors, AKV|St.Joost, Breda, NL
2017 | A Photographer’s Journal, Cloud Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

2018 | GUP magazine New Dutch Photography Talent 2019.
2018 | New Dawn Paper – Instagram Take Over
2015 | VersPers, ‘Werkloosheid 50 plussers’
2015 | VersPers, ‘Suffe Tutten Boekenmarkt’